01.07.2020 | Congratulatory message from the RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan on the occasion of the Day of Prosecutor's Office Employee and the 102nd anniversary of the formation of the RA Prosecutor’s Office

Dear employees of the Prosecutor’s Office, colleagues, respected veterans of the system!


I heartily congratulate all of us on the Day of Prosecutor’s Office Employee, and the 102nd anniversary of the establishment of the RA Prosecutor’s Office.


Unfortunately, because of the coronavirus, based on the safety and health requirements of all of us, this year we have to miss the wonderful tradition of gathering at the RA Prosecutor General's Office, personally congratulating each other in a warm atmosphere, evaluating our path, and sharing  with each other the achievements.


By sharing all the difficulties and limitations caused by this situation with our people, you tirelessly continue to fulfill your professional duty, being guided by the imperative of ensuring the legal security of our country.


Thank you for your perseverance, your commitment to creating a rule of law state. I am proud to note your deep restraint and neutrality regarding various unreasonable accusations, in many cases trying to make you lose control over yourself by various manipulations during your work, your general behavior remains exclusively at a professional level, which is one of the most important guarantees of the system stability.


Thank you for the fulfillment of your professional and official duties under the conditions of a huge workload and responsibility, thank you for your patience, for the sacrifices that your family members, closest and dearest people share with you with dignity.


The meaning of this day is unique in the sense that it proclaims the entry of the Prosecutor's Office into the 3rd decade of the 21st century, which requires us to modernize the vision of system development to meet the requirements of the development of legal thinking, the current challenges of combating crime, building a rule of law state. The Prosecutor's Office is the driving force behind the entire process of criminal proceedings, being guided by the values of law, which through their daily, mostly invisible work, embody the basic ideas of the rule of law, equality, the inevitability of punishment, and protection of state property rights.


In the new decade, the Prosecutor's Office should fully play the role of a unique “think tank” for the modernization of criminal policy. One of our main priorities is ensuring the unity, predictability and certainty of activities in the field of criminal justice, strengthening public trust and supporting our faith in the implementation of the constitutional principles of universal equality and the rule of law. In the criminal process, the unshakable implementation of our key function of a reasonable balance of public and private interests should lead to the formation of public consciousness and faith in the commitment of the Prosecutor's Office. On this way faithful implementation of our competences is not enough, it should be visible by serving faithfully to those values daily, by our own example of law-abiding and state-worship, civic responsibility.


The Prosecutor's Office has taken an exceptionally important role during this period. And today as well we have taken full responsibility for the issue of ensuring internal legal stability, restoring and protecting the legitimate interests of the public and the state. We are proud to undertake the function of returning to its rightful owner the wealth stolen from our country for years. There should be no doubt that in this process of restoring social justice, the Prosecutor's Office will be impartial and decisive. Our mental resources, will and institutional formation are more than enough for that.


We are the focus of the irreversible process of dismantling corrupt criminal schemes in various fields. No individual, public or political entity, and no public servant should have a hidden or unhidden criminal intent to embezzle both state and public resources, and threaten the internal and external security of the state. In the case of such attempts, the state will not hesitate to use all its punitive force.


With the same consistency, we will also not tolerate any criminal manifestation of defaming the prosecutor's image, disgracing the prosecutor's honor in our system, because, first of all, we will prove by our example the fact of alternative of ensuring  new, healthy and safe environment.


The only legitimate way to regulate public relations is the legal system. In our common way of building a law-abiding, civil-centered society, the morals and rules of criminal subculture must be eradicated, and in that struggle we remain flag bearers, standing in the front line together with other law enforcement agencies.

 In the war declared against these evils, we will win by using our professionalism, conscience, justice, morality and the trust of our people as a weapon.

Dear colleagues, dear veterans,

By congratulating you again on this significant day, I wish you all success and achievements in our centuries-old and beloved country.

I wish an honorable service for the benefit of the Armenian statehood, its bright and big future.






Դատախազությունը նշում է 102-րդ տարեդարձը և Դատախազության աշխատողի օրը

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