21.03.2020 | The Prosecutor’s Office of Lori region only by studies in the field of protection of state interests found out the damage caused to the state in the amount of about 1 billion AMD, 184 million AMD of which were restored

During 2019 the Prosecutor's Office of Lori region in the field of protection of state property interests provided unprecedented indicators.


In particular, in the republican and in numerous fields of regional involvement in the issues of protection of state interests, 146 studies were carried out, during which 230 offenses were detected, which almost doubled the result of 2018.


50 legal and physical entities were warned about the restoration of damage caused to the state’s interests. As a result, over 50 million AMD were returned voluntarily to the state budget during the year.


Studies included the protection of state and public property, fulfillment of obligations related to taxes and state duties, state social insurance and social security, the activities of the territorial administration and local authorities, education and science, legislation on environmental protection and subsoil use, detection of illegal buildings in the energy security zone, health care, urban planning and other areas.


By the results of the study also to the state bodies were sent 29 reports on taking measures to restore damage caused to the state, and, if necessary, on filing lawsuits in defense of state interests. Besides, based on the results of the study, the nature of the identified violations, several petitions were presented to the relevant state bodies in order to eliminate the causes of violation of state interests as well as contributing conditions, including initiatives to make amendments and supplements in legal acts regulating the relevant fields.


In the course of the mentioned studies on materials prepared by prosecutors, lawsuits were filed in the courts in defense of state interests for restoring 155.5 million AMD under the conditions when no lawsuits were filed in the areas of protecting state interests during 2018.


By lawsuits considered in courts during the year (including those transferred from the previous years), lawsuits in the amount of more than 5.139.000 AMD were satisfied, and one lawsuit filed with the demand of a total recovery of 1.808.000 AMD was terminated taking into account the fact that the defendant fully compensated the damage caused to the state, and the prosecutor, who filed the lawsuit, refused the civil lawsuit.


By the satisfied lawsuits, 5.139.000 AMD were actually restored.


Besides the above mentioned, by the facts containing elements of a possible crime detected as a result of studies by the Prosecutor's Office of the region, 128 criminal cases were initiated, which is  by 28 more than the indicator of 2018 (100).


The total damage caused to the state by criminal cases and materials sent to the investigative bodies amounted to more than 963.708.681 AMD. And within the framework of criminal cases 177.2 AMD were restored during 2019, which exceeded the result of 2018 for about 2 times. Criminal cases were initiated in particular by the facts of illegal alienation of objects with the abuse of official powers, illegal logging in the branches located in the territories of Lori region of “Hayantar” SNCO, not properly carrying out official duties by officials of forestry, carrying out low quality construction works, theft committed by the fraud of municipal funds, failure to take measures for the unauthorized seizure of land plots, failure to take measures in the manner prescribed by law to suspend, prevent unauthorized buildings.


The total damage caused to the state by lawsuits in defense of state interests filed in the region during 2019, presented messages, initiated criminal cases and materials sent to the investigative bodies amounted to about 964 million AMD. At the same time, as a result of works carried out on the basis of warnings, satisfied lawsuits, investigated criminal cases, and presented messages on the basis of studies, damage in the amount of more than 184 million AMD was restored during 2019.