14.02.2020 | The results of the fight against crime in the capital and the activities of the Prosecutor's Office of Yerevan City for 2019 were summed up

The RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan paid a visit to the Prosecutor's Office of Yerevan with a view to summarize the overall dynamics of crime in the capital for 2019,  as well as the results of work carried out by the Prosecutor's Office of Yerevan City and the Prosecutor's Offices of the Administrative Districts of Yerevan.


During the meeting, held with the participation of the bodies of inquiry and preliminary investigation - Heads of Subdivisions of Yerevan City, Prosecutors of Administrative Districts of Yerevan City, the Prosecutor of Yerevan City Gevorg Baghdasaryan presented the trends recorded in certain types of crimes, the measures taken to eliminate the deficiency recorded by the criminal prosecution bodies during the work.


Accordingly in 2019, 14961 cases of crime were registered in Yerevan compared to 13067 cases of the previous year, thus, cases of crime were increased by 1894 or 14.5%.


During 2019 17 cases of murder were registered in Yerevan, compared to 12 of the previous year, 86.4% of them were disclosed, compared to 85.7% of the previous year. Attempted murders were reduced by 25% or 3 cases (12–9).


During the reporting year, cases of intentional harm to health were increased by 10 cases or 2.3%, but at the same time, the disclosure rate for this type of crime was increased by about 5%, amounting to 74.1%.


Cases of robbery were increased by 8 or 32% (25-33), but the disclosure rate for this type of crime was increased by 13% compared with 74.4% of the previous year, amounting to 87.5%.


The Prosecutor of Yerevan City expressed concern about the continuing increase of the number of cases of burglaries and the low level of disclosure rates. In 2019, 859 such cases were registered, which is by 58 cases or 7.2% more than in 2018.


In the previous year, certain measures were taken in all administrative districts to prevent this crime, in particular, to equip the entrances of apartment buildings with doors with locks, and to provide lighting. As a result of this, the rate of burglary disclosure has been improved in a certain way, amounting to 13% compared to 9.6% of the previous year.


The RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan, however, assessed both the results and the preventive works as insufficient. The Prosecutor General instructed to put more efforts in this direction, both through direct cooperation with the city authorities, as well as with  residents.


During 2019, 703 cases of harm caused to health by negligence of individuals as a result of a violation of traffic rules were registered in the capital, compared with 575 cases of the previous year. Thus, cases were increased by 128 or 22.3%, in parallel with which fatal cases of violations of traffic rules were increased by 3 cases (67-70). The disclosure rate was also increased, reaching to 86.4 from 82.7 of the previous year. In this connection, the RA Prosecutor General instructed to compile a map of the more risky zones of the road and take concrete measures to eliminate them.


During the mentioned period, 272 criminal cases were initiated on the basis of corruption crimes. In corruption-related crimes registered in Yerevan, abuses of official powers (150), bribery (74) have a large proportion. In this regard, the RA Prosecutor General emphasized the need for prosecutorial measures aimed at quickly resolving investigations of corruption cases, namely: targeted instructions for the preliminary investigation bodies, and bodies carrying out operational search measures, specific instructions, noting that they should not be formal, and in case of failure to provide substantive results on them, the issue of the occurrence of legal consequences should be considered.


In general, during 2019 the damage caused to the state by a crime was revealed in the amount of 4.712.912.421 AMD, from which 453.053.527 AMD were recovered. The main recovering tools of the damage were criminal cases regarding technical inspection stations and abuses in the field of accredited management of control systems regarding traffic rules, investigated under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor's Office of Yerevan. Artur Davtyan expressed satisfaction concerning the activities aimed at recovering the damage caused to the state, as well as the implementation of the function of protecting state interests and set the task of further developing the unprecedented results registered this year.


Summing up the work results of the criminal prosecution bodies in the fight against crime in Yerevan, the RA Prosecutor General highly appreciated the enormous work done by the latter and especially the new qualities and manifestations of cooperation being formed in this area.


Nevertheless, he instructed to intensify work aimed at preventing and detecting crimes in all fields. From this point of view, he especially emphasized a detailed analysis of the conditions and causes of each criminal case and the desire to eliminate them with the help of appropriate petitions both by participating in the discussion of the petition and by taking actions on the basis of it.


The RA Prosecutor General also drew the attention of the participants to the question of preparing for the fight against criminal subculture, noting that the specific results of the activities of law enforcement bodies aimed at eradicating this evil using the entire state legal instrument should be visible to the public as soon as possible, and the corresponding criminal elements with the sufficient grounds should be isolated from society as soon as possible. Artur Davtyan emphasized the problem of neutralizing possible relations between the representatives of law enforcement bodies with these elements as a priority.

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