14.02.2020 | Corruption crimes increased by 40 percentages In Shirak region, the indicator of disclosed corruption cases that caused damage to the state - increased 6 times

During 2019 149 criminal cases were initiated on corruption cases which were under the supervision of the prosecutors of Shirak Region Prosecutor’s office. This indicator is higher with 42 or 40 percentages in comparison with the same period of the previous year. Besides, 91 cases from these criminal cases have been initiated by the prosecutors of the Shirak Region Prosecutor’s office.


54 cases out of these disclosed corruption cases have been detected in the spheres of education, 21 cases – local self-governance, 12 cases – urban development, 3 cases in cadastre, 1 case – conscription, 6 cases – agricultural, 9 cases – bank and loan companies, 14 cases – health care, 19 - public social welfare, and 10 cases are related with crimes committed by officials of law-enforcement bodies.


Corruption crimes have been mainly manifested in the form of embezzlement or abuse of official position in different sizes, causing large harm through deception or abuse of power, abuse of official power, official negligence, bribing, bribery, official forgery, abuse of official from commercial or other organizations, forgery of documents, evasion of military service by document falsification or other means of deception and their various combinations.


During 2019 criminal prosecution was initiated against 64 persons, out of which 12 heads of communities, 1 deputy rector of university, 11 directors of school, 3 deputy directors, 4 teachers, 2 officials of Shirak Regional administration and 3 officials of Gyumri municipality, 11 officials from Public social welfare service, 5 directors of vocational and sport school, 12 citizens for assisting the official in crime commitment. In addition, detention was chosen as a preventive means only toward 6 people.


During the above-mentioned period 7 criminal cases have been sent to the court with the indictments against 14 people, and 2 criminal cases have been completed in court, three persons were convicted.


The pre-recorded damage to the state caused by criminal cases initiated for corruption crimes was 294.744.633 AMD out of which 197.742.526 AMD was reimbursed through active involvement of the officials of Shirak Region Prosecutor’s office, and for the reimbursement of the rest were used relevant tools of criminal procedure.    


Besides, the amount of damage caused to the State, revealed in criminal cases is about 6 times higher than compared with the same period of 2018 (48.726.840 AMD). In order to provide the confiscation the property belonging to the accused was seized during the preliminary investigation. And the damage restored during 2019 was 4,3 times higher than the result of 2018 (45.958.679 AMD).


Besides, the court granted all the suits filed by the prosecutors in 7 criminal cases regarding the restoration of damage to the State, in total, about 14 million AMD and execution sheets were sent to the RA MJ CEJA (Compulsory Enforcement of Judicial Acts of the Ministry of Justice of the RA) and the process of recovery has already begun.


During 2019 in order to eliminate the causes and conditions as well as     the detected violations of State interests under Article 30 of the “Law on the Prosecutor’s Office”, 47 petitions on various problems were submitted to the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports, the Shirak Region Governor and the Mayor of Gyumri in the frame of prepared materials, and in the result of 41 cases disciplinary fines were applied, including a director of school, an officer of “Haypost” CJ organization, a director of a SNCO under the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Armenia, were dismissed from their offices. 


The Prosecutor’s Office of Shirak region has also worked extensively and effectively in the field of protection of the state interests.


In the scope of this activity 467 studies were carried out, including the areas of investments by subsoil users, fulfillment of obligations on payments of replenishment of the fund of environmental protection, administrative control over and audit carried out in the social sphere and education, unauthorized structures in the community, the State Agency of Employment of Social Security of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia and other spheres.  


In the result of the research 91 economic entities have been given warnings by the Prosecutor’s Office, and the outcome was that more than 19 million AMD damage caused to the State was restored.






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