11.02.2020 | Crimes have been reduced by 18.5% in the Armed Forces Outcomes of 2019 of the RA Military Prosecutor's Office activity

Today, during the consultative meeting attended by the RA Minister of Defense Davit Tonoyan and held by the RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan, annual report of 2019 was summed up, the outcomes of the activity of law enforcement bodies for the effectiveness of the investigations in cases of crime against the armed forces of the RA Military Prosecutor's Office.


Prosecutors of the RA Central Military Prosecutor's Office and garrisons, as well as representatives from the RA Ministry of Defense and the Military Police of the RA Ministry of Defense were present at the consultative meeting.


Vahe Harutyunyan, the RA Military Prosecutor introduced the main indicators of the fight against crime in the armed forces for 2019. Accordingly, during the reporting period 929 criminal cases were reported in the armed forces, out of which 556 or 59.8% were military, 373 cases or 40.1% were of other general nature. In comparison with the 2018   the criminal cases have decreased by 18.5%. Serious crimes have decreased by 8.3% and particularly grave crimes - by 27.9%. In general, all general types of crimes in the armed forces have reduced, with the exception of crimes against public order and morality, as well as crimes against the use of military equipment. Besides, crime detection rates in the armed forces were high and remained nearly 97%.


The analysis has shown that cases of violence, such as the inappropriate treatment of military personnel by the Code of Conduct to show their apparent advantage or underline such advantage, create more favorable conditions for them during service, as well inadequate for military discipline and consequence of being led by street morals.


During the consultative meeting, giving special importance to this problem, as well as the cases of deaths in the army, the RA Prosecutor General emphasized that despite the positive tendencies of crime reduction, which is due to the effective actions of the law enforcement bodies and the RA Armed Forces, one of the main priorities becomes the active work on preventing such crimes, eliminating the conditions and reasons of such crimes. Within this framework, there will be a relentless struggle for the elimination of the manifestations characteristic of the criminal subculture in the army, and the intensive explanatory work with the military. The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia has instructed prosecutors to organize receptions in all cases of violence against military servicemen, if the person does not confirm the information previously provided by him during the investigation.


The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia has noted that the actions of the officials responsible for prevention and disclosure will also be investigated and the fulfillment of the abovementioned recommendations will be under strict oversight in any particularly serious criminal case.


Though Artur Davtyan expressed his satisfaction with the initiative of the military prosecutors to turn to state circles, but he stated that should be intensified in order to eliminate the problems.


According to the analysis, there are such cases when the offenses are the result of offenses committed by officers of army and other offenses, such as various offenses related with behavior not corresponding with the code of Conduct committed by co-officers of army, junior and senior high rank officers of army. The RA Prosecutor General stressed the necessity of continuing measures to change the officer's behavior in cooperation with the RA Ministry of Defense. In this respect, it is notable that the crime rate among officers has decreased significantly by 33.1% or 87 cases. If in 2018 263 cases of crimes committed by officers were recorded during on 2019 there were 176 cases.


Artur Davtyan also said that one of the main directions of cooperation with the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia is the introduction of effective mechanisms for increasing the interest of the leadership of these units of the Armed Forces preventing and disclosing of various crimes in the military units. In this scope, according to the Prosecutor General, it is essential that crime prevention and detection indicators will be considered as positive factors in the evaluation of the activities of the heads of military units.


It was stated during the consultative meeting that the positive progress in the areas of detecting corruption crimes as well as in the sphere of prosecutorial functions of protection of state interest in the Armed Forces continue. In particular, if in 2018 there were 291 criminal cases investigated in the course of 2018, in 2019 there were 296 cases.


In 2019 404 surveys were conducted by the RA Military Prosecutor's Office on state interest protection issues, and the damage caused to the state was about 12 billion AMD, which is about 6 times more than it was in 2018. With the application of prosecutorial measures, total damage of about 1.3 billion AMD was recovered, which is twice much than in 2018.


In 2019 503 criminal cases against 752 persons were passed to the courts with Bills of indictments committed by the military officers or with their participation. The trial of 306 criminal cases ended with the verdict, and 416 persons were sentenced.


The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia, in the context of effectiveness of the prosecution function, instructed leading prosecutors to be directly involved in the prosecutorial process, especially in cases of death. Besides, Artur Davtyan considered it necessary to send the criminal case with grave and particularly grave indictment to the court as soon as possible, if there is sufficient evidence, not only on the basis of ensuring the inevitable punishment, but also considering the importance of criminal prosecution itself.


During the consultative meeting an interesting discussion was on the mechanisms of elimination of non-statutory relations in the military units, the perspectives of cooperation between the Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia for the purpose of raising the issue of preparation of materials according to the criminal procedures. The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia and the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia highly appreciated the level of cooperation between the two agencies in the context of the tasks set.


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