09.01.2020 | In order to prevent criminal matters allowed by employees of 2 Penitentiary Institutions of the RA Ministry of Justice, petition was sent to the Head of the Criminal Executive Service of the Republic of Armenia

Cases of importation of drugs of various types and sizes with the direct participation or permission of certain employees of the penitentiary institutions of “Nubarashen” and “Armavir” of the RA Ministry of Justice were registered by separate criminal cases investigated by the Special Investigative Service of the Republic of Armenia.


In particular, on November 16, 2019, the convicted person of the penitentiary institution of ''Nubarashen'' of the RA MJ was transferred to Erebuni Medical Center for inpatient treatment. After the convict was transferred to the medical center, by the order of the head of the penitentiary institution of  ''Nubarashen'' MJ RA, temporary guard was appointed with the involvement of a leading specialist and two junior specialists of the security department of the same institution. 


The latter, however, showing a careless and dishonest attitude to the service, did not provide constant control over the behavior of the convict; the chief and one of the guards slept during the service, and the convict escaped from the medical center. As a result, the convict, without legal grounds, was released. The abovementioned employees of the penitentiary institution of  ''Nubarashen'' of the RA MJ were charged under Part 1 of Art. 315 of the RA Criminal Code and on 24.12.2019 the criminal case with the indictment was sent to the court of general jurisdiction of the first instance of Yerevan.


In another case, by the criminal case, being investigated by the RA SIS, a decision was made to involve 3 employees of the security department of the penitentiary institution of “Armavir” as accused under Part 1 of Art. 308 of the RA Criminal Code. Being involved in a group that guards one of the convicts of the penitentiary institution of ''Armavir'' of the RA MJ, receiving treatment at Vagharshapat Medical Center on November 10 and 11, 2019 , with a view not to refuse the request of the latter, intentionally did not fulfill their official duties. In particular, they did not exclude his communication with other people, allowed his girlfriend and acquaintance to see him and give him forbidden things - a mobile phone and alcohol.


Under these conditions, the convict was given the opportunity to communicate and meet with other peоple, as a result of which the latter illegally acquired a large amount of drugs, illegally kept them and transferred them to the penitentiary institution of ''Armavir '' of the RA MJ. The drugs could not be brought into the institution only because of the detection and seizure during personal searche carried out by the employees of the penitentiary institutions.


In the aforementioned cases, as a result of the non-fulfillment of their duties by individual employees of the specified penitentiary institution of the RA MJ, not only the tasks of the criminal executive service were not resolved, but the state’s function directed toward the correction of people sentenced to imprisonment was also impeded.


Taking into account the periodic manifestations of such cases, in the recent period, in the context of a tough policy pursued by the RA Ministry of Justice in the direction of reforms in this field, with a letter from the Head of the Department of Supervision over Legality of Pre-trial Proceedings in the RA SIS of the RA Prosecutor’s Office a petition was addressed to the Head of the Criminal Executive Service of the RA Ministry of Justice regarding taking measures aimed at eliminating such manifestations in the penitentiary institutions of ''Nubarashen '' and ''Armavir '' of the  RA MJ and informing the RA Prosecutor General’s Office about the results.


It should be reminded that for the conscientious fulfillment of official duties by the employees of penitentiary institutions and the manifestation of intolerance by the employees regarding the acts of the employees who commit crimes in the penitentiary institutions and who were involved in them, at the end of last year, RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan awarded 4 employees of these two institutions. Due to the latter's decent attitude toward the official duty, cases of illegal drug trafficking were identified in the penitentiary institutions of '' Nubarashen '' and '' Armavir '' of the RA MJ

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