26.12.2019 | Artur Davtyan rewarded four employees of penitentiary institutions of the RA Ministry of Justice

The RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan rewarded 4 employees of the penitentiary institutions ''Hospital for Convicts'', ''Nubarashen'' and ''Armavir '' with the jubilee medal of the RA Prosecutor's Office for conscientious and proper performance of official duties.


As a result of the operative-search measures taken by the aforementioned employees, cases of illicit drug trafficking with the aim of selling by the officials of the penitentiary institutions of ''Nubarashen'' and ''Armavir'' of the RA Ministry of Justice were detected.


In particular, during the implementation of the obtained operational data, on December 20, 2019, during a personal search by the staff of the penitentiary institution of ''Nubarashen '', various types of drugs were found in the pocket of the officer of the security division of the specified institution.


In addition to that, as a result of operational search measures taken by the penitentiary institution of ''Armavir'', it was found out that the leading specialist of the security division of the specified institution received a bribe in the amount of 30.000 AMD for drug delivery and stored a plastic bag with prohibited substances in his personal car. On December 20, 2019, officials of the penitentiary institution ''Armavir'' of the RA Ministry of Justice examined his car and found several types of drugs in plastic bags packed with adhesive tape.


Criminal cases were initiated, employees of the penitentiary institution were detained for committing the crime.


The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia thanked the mentioned officers of the RA Ministry of Justice for fulfilling their duties with great responsibility, emphasizing that they are an example of a public servant who is struggling with the illicit drug trafficking.


According to the prosecutor general, this is the main way to eliminate the causes of objective discontent expressed by both society and the state in connection with the situation that exists in penitentiary institutions.


Artur Davtyan mentioned that the actions of officials showing such behavior are harmful, since, in addition to committing a crime, they impede the state’s function in the direction of correction of the convicts. In this regard, the integrity of employees who show determination and will in the fight against this phenomena should be encouraged.