06.12.2019 | Artur Davtyan handed Certificates of Merit to Armenian winners of “Together Against Corruption” International Anti-Corruption Contest

RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan has met today with the participant-winners of the International Youth Anti-Corruption Contest, held within the framework of the CIS Interstate Anti-Corruption Council and 10 BRICS member states, as well as with the attendees of the Anti-Corruption School of Young Leaders of the Civil Society Organizations of Anti-Corruption Coalition of Armenia.


The works of 2 representatives of the RA in the contest among 20 thousand videos and posters received the second prize in the nominations of "Best poster" and "Best video".

On December 9, within the framework of International Day Against Corruption, they will attend the award ceremony in Moscow.


In the first stage of the contest the RA national jury selected the best three works in each nomination. Apart from the above mentioned, videos and posters presented by the representatives of Armenian State Pedagogical University named after Kh. Abovyan, State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia, attendees of Young Leaders' Anti-Corruption School were also among them.


All the winners were awarded with Certificates of Merit by the orders of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia for being awarded with prizes, their active participation in public awareness activities against corruption and active cooperation with the RA Prosecutor General's Office within that framework.


During the meeting with the youth, the RA Prosecutor General handed them their Certificates of Merit and congratulated them all and wished them success in their studies, work activities and attached importance to their efforts to show consistency and civic activism in the enrooting of the idea of corruption intolerance. Artur Davtyan also expressed gratitude for representing Armenia with high quality works in the framework of the contest. According to the prosecutor general, it is important that ideas expressed through videos and posters become a way of life for the younger generation, thereby helping the state in its mission of eradicating corruption.


The RA Prosecutor General also attached importance to the representatives of civil society involved in the national jury of the contest, Varuzhan Hoktanyan, Transparency International AntiCorruption Center Project Director, and Arzuman Harutyunyan, President of the “Audio-Visual Journalists' Association” NGO for the interested participation in the selection of the best works, thereby for ensuring the transparency of the contest.


The Prosecutor General also attached importance for the informative support of the contest provided by the CSO Anti-Corruption Coalition of Armenia, as well as continued cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office. He expressed hope that the continuation of the Young Leaders' Anti-Corruption School project will be an important contribution to the transfer of professional knowledge to young active people with potential of leading and to the development of universal behavior.


The Prosecutor General set the task of activating the prosecution's office cooperation with educational and public institutions in terms of public awareness, use of social advertising tools, ensuring the involvement of student creative groups and civic circles.

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