03.12.2019 | Deputy Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia received the World Bank delegation

Deputy Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia D. Melkonyan received the delegation of the World Bank with a view to discuss issues of justice and fight against corruption.


Welcoming the delegation members on the occasion of being in the RA Prosecutor’s Office, Deputy Prosecutor General noted that traditional meetings with WB representatives have always been distinguished by open discussions, as a result of which numerous programs aimed at improving the judicial and legal system were implemented. Taking into account this fact, according to D. Melkonyan, the RA Prosecutor General’s Office continues to actively participate in initiatives (with the support of the WB) aimed at reforms in this field.


The head of the delegation Eva Melis, in her turn, assessed high the atmosphere of a constructive and partnership dialogue between the WB and the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Armenia, adding that the reforms launched in the field of judicial-legal and criminal justice of Armenia, in the context of needs of the criminal prosecution bodies of the Republic of Armenia, create great prospects for expanding cooperation.


During the meeting, the parties discussed the current results of the introduction of a system for whistle-blowing of corruption crimes in Armenia, issues of increasing the level of public confidence toward the electronic platform of anonymous whistle-blowing, the use of additional mechanisms to ensure accessibility.


In addition to that, the subject for consideration was the possibility of implementing programs aimed at evaluating prosecutors, providing technical and information assistance on the introduction of criminal procedural systems, retraining prosecutors in case of adopting the legislation on confiscation of illegally obtained property and providing technical assistance to the prosecutor's office.


Deputy Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia also emphasized the need for further cooperation in ensuring the implementation of measures related to the prosecutor's office by judicial and legal reforms and anti-corruption strategies adopted by the Government of the Republic of Armenia.