06.11.2019 | Corruption in the procedure of lease caused 85.5 million AMD damage to "Sport Center of Collective Teams"

The Department of State Interests Protection of the RA Prosecutor General’s Office has studied the process of leasing the building and the plot with 100% state-owned stake of “Sport Center of Collective Teams” CJSC on the basis of documents received from the State Property Management Committee. Necessary data and documents were required and obtained from the RA State Revenue Committee to ensure the completeness of the examinations.


As a result, it was found out that between “Sport Center of Collective Teams” CJSC and a LTD, the founded of which is the director’s wife, 25-year lease agreement was concluded in 2007 with monthly rent of 480,000 AMD for the building with 6580.8 square meters area and the plot with 1.1807 hectares owned by the mentioned state-owned company were handed over to the LTD.


Since 2016, LTD has not made monthly payments, as a result of which, as of June 30, 2019, a monetary obligation of AMD 13.5 million AMD arose.


The examination also revealed that the above mentioned real estate after being leased in 2007, parts was sub-leased by the LTD on the same year to other organizations with higher prices. For each gym hall with 1276 square meters, a monthly fee was set over 300,000 AMD to 700,000 AMD or the total amount for 2552 square meters was set at least 1 million AMD per month. In the result of leasing the aforementioned areas to the LTD for only 480,000 AMD monthly, the CJSC did not actually receive at least 500,000 AMD monthly incomes, which is 72 million AMD for 12 years.


Thus, the recorded evidences show that the responsible officer of the CJSC used his managerial or other powers contrary to the interests of that organization and for the benefit or advantages of himself or others by leasing the said building and plot on obviously non-profitable terms to the LTD founded by his wife, and the latter has leased part of the property to other legal entities at about twice the price. Besides, since 2016 the LLC has not paid monthly contractual fees, but the responsible employees of the CJSC, having a corresponding obligation, did not take measures to collect the fees and terminate the contract. In the result of these seemingly criminal deeds, “Sport Center of Collective Teams” CJSC was suffered a total loss of about 85.5 million AMD.


According to the results of the investigation, a criminal case was initiated by the Department of State Interests Protection of the RA Prosecutor General’s Office in connection with the facts mentioned on the features of the crime envisaged in Article 214, Part 2 of the RA Criminal Code.


The RA Investigative Committee has been assigned to conduct the preliminary investigation.


Notice: Every person suspected in or charged with a criminal offense shall be presumed innocent unless proved guilty in the manner prescribed by the RA Criminal Procedure Code and unless the verdict comes into legal force.