12.08.2019 | The number of detection of corruption crimes in Tavush region has been increased by 40% compared to the same period of the last year, the damage caused to the state by 4.5 times

The prosecutor's office of Tavush region has summed up the results of the activities of the criminal prosecution bodies for corruption crimes detected during the first half of 2019. In the course of the study, it has been found out that during the first half of this year, 21 criminal cases have been initiated by the proceedings that have been under the procedural lead or supervision of prosecutors of Tavush region prosecutor’s office. This number is by 6 or 40% more compared to the same period of the last year. From the detected corruption cases, 2 have been registered in the field of health care, 2 - education,  3 - environmental protection, 1 - employment.


Flagrant corruption crimes have been mainly expressed in the form of embezzlement or misappropriation with the use of official position, abuse of official powers, official forgery, and abuse of powers by employees of a commercial or other organization.


By 21 criminal cases initiated during the first half of 2019, criminal prosecution has been initiated against 3 people, and from them 1 has been head of a public organization, 1 - an official, 1 - a former head of a medical center. Recognizance not to leave the country has been chosen against them.


During the indicated period, with the indictment, 2 criminal cases regarding 2 people have been sent to court, and an indictment has been drawn up concerning 1 criminal case, and the trial of another criminal case is still in process.


The amount of preliminary damage caused to the state within the framework of 21 criminal cases has amounted to 59 million AMD, and from this amount, 4 million AMD have been restored with the involvement of prosecutors of Tavush region prosecutor’s office, from the mentioned amount 2.5 million AMD have been restored during the preliminary investigation of 2 criminal cases sent to court.


Moreover, the detected indicator of damage / of the mentioned period of the last year / caused to the state in the framework of criminal cases of corruption crimes exceeds / about 13 million AMD / almost 4.5 times, and the restored damage exceeds twice / 2 million AMD for the first half of 2018 /.


In the direction of restoring the rest of the damage, an appropriate criminal procedural mechanism is being applied.