08.08.2019 | Means of prosecutorial intervention have been taken to provide mandatory technical inspection of vehicles and to abolish the causes of schematic corruption abuses in this area

The Department for Combating Corruption and Economic Crimes of the RA General Prosecutor's Office examined the criminal cases initiated for the abuses in the process of mandatory technical inspection of vehicles. The studies were carried out to identify the causes and terms contributing to the commission of the above-mentioned crimes in order to identify the means of prosecutorial intervention for eliminating and hindering the problems in technical inspection of vehicles, traffic accidents and combating crime.


As a result, first it was found that the state was caused long-term, overall applicable corruption-related criminal huge material damage by the stations conducting mandatory vehicle inspection.


It was already informed that abuses committed in the process of mandatory technical inspection of vehicles 26 criminal cases were initiated during July and August 2018. The preliminary investigation of the latter revealed that the responsible staff of the technical inspection stations in the period of 2015 January to 2018 June have submitted the documents of the mandatory payment stipulated for the technical inspection to the Ministry of Finance without providing services, i. e without compulsory technical inspection of vehicles by fraud and seizure of especially large amounts of money. According to preliminary accountings, the damage amounted to about 2 billion 150 million AMD. On July 30, 2019, over 840 million AMD has been restored.


The study showed that the existing legal gaps regulating that field also contributed to described corruption mechanisms making favorable conditions for drivers not to perform their vehicles in accordance with the rule, thus making security risks for traffic. 


Legislative gaps are mainly due to the fact of passing or not passing the technical inspection of vehicles only to the legal solutions leading to the existence or absence of a check, and to the inadequacy of the state's strict legal control mechanisms over the technical process. In addition, there are uncertainties in setting of tariffs for the mandatory technical inspection of vehicles by means of technical disorders, in the regulation of the payment process.


Due to the need of abolishing these legislative gaps, properly implementing the obligation of the state to ensure the safety of trafficers, and to exclude the factors contributing to corruption, the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia has submitted a report on the results of the study to the Prime Minister of the RA.