08.08.2019 | Many banned items have been discovered again at “Artik” Penitentiary of the RA on 08.08.2019 during the search made on the initiative of the Prosecutor’s Office of Shirak Region

On August 8, 2019 searches in 6 cells of different headquarters of Artik Penitentiary Institution of the RA Ministry of Justice were conducted under the direct oversight of the Prosecutor's Office of Shirak Region, investigators of the Shirak Regional Investigation Department of the RA together with the officers of the General Department of Combating Organized Crime of RA Police. In the result of the search, many banned items were found and confiscated, including 4 cell phones, 5 chargers, 3 headphones, 2 flash drives, 1 WiFi internet device, mass looking like seeds, 8 separate packages of yellow powder, 4 syringes,, 3 scissors, 1 puncturing instrument and 1 piece of metal rod.


The searches were carried out at “Artik” penitentiary institution by the officials of the Ministry of Justice on the ground of the decisions of the court to carry out searches by the request of the prosecutor supervising over the mentioned case related with   official negligence and abuse of official authority according to Part 1 of Article 315 and Part 1 of Article 308 of the RA Criminal Code.


It worth mentioning that during the examination of a number of criminal cases investigated by the Prosecutor's Office of Shirak Region, as well as during the prosecution control over the lawfulness of the use of punishments and other coercive measures in “Artik” Penitentiary institution of the RA Ministry of Justice it turned out that cases of illegal import of banned items, their procurement, usage and turnover by the convicts and detainees are still ongoing in the premises of the prison detention facilities were continued which is resulted from negligence treatment of the officials of the Penitentiary Institution.  Moreover, there have been numerous cases where prison staff has personally participated in the process of delivering or providing the turnover of these items to convicts or detainees. Meanwhile, penitentiary officials, according to RA Criminal Procedure Code are investigative body, being interested not to initiate a criminal case against their subordinates for the alleged crime committed by them, consider them to be mere disciplinary offences, being satisfied with the application of disciplinary means.


In the result of the investigations carried out by the Prosecutor's Office of Shirak Region 6 criminal cases have been initiated by the prosecutors, one of which is under Part 1 of Article 315 and 5th one is under Part 1 of Article 308 of the RA Criminal Code. These criminal cases have been merged into one proceeding, which is underway.


In the result of the searches made on August 8, it is obvious that in spite of the criminal investigation procedures illegal objects, items are still turning over and used and legal approach will be given to the actions of the relevant penitentiary officials within the criminal case.