25.07.2019 | The Prosecutor of Shirak region of the Republic of Armenia has sent a petition to the head of RA traffic police to intensify work to prevent road traffic offenses in the region

The prosecutor of  Shirak region K. Gabrielyan appealed to the head of the traffic police of the Republic of Armenia with a request to take measures to eliminate the violations of traffic rules, their causes and contributing conditions.


According to the results of research conducted by the prosecutor's office of the region in the first half of 2019 in  Shirak region, 72 cases of traffic violations were registered,5 out of 5 people died.108 people were injured.


Violations were different. In particular, 5 cases of driving while intoxicated were recorded compared to 3 cases of the first half of 2018. As a result, 7 people received various injuries, which is more than two times more than in the previous year. 22 cases of speed exceedance have been recorded,  which is twice as high compared to the same period last year, as a result of which two people died and 31 were injured. There was one violation of transportation of people in the case that during the same period of 2018 no such cases were registered.


The surveys also point out that drivers of minibuses and buses on the route serving the city of Gyumri often violate the RA Law “On Road Safety”, as well as the requirements of the “Traffic Rules” create emergency situations, accidents that seriously threaten the safety of pedestrians, other drivers and passengers. Especially in the central streets of the region there are gross violations of the law, when drivers drive at high speeds checking the speed of their cars. Cases of accidents are also due to the fact that no effective measures are taken to prevent administrative violations, as well as night and day hours, poorly coordinated service and the inability to take strict administrative measures against any person who committed the violation.


Back in March of this year, the prosecutor's office of  Shirak region attracted the attention of the traffic police of Armenia to the above circumstances. It was proposed, among other things,  to carry out preventive measures in Gyumri to conduct one-day unplanned and expanded service. Although this lasted for a long time, there was not enough effort to resolve problematic issues. The employees of Shirak Prosecutor's Office are sometimes involved in reporting cases of such incidents and subjecting them to administrative liability.


Taking into account the above, the  prosecutor of the region  K. Gabrielyan filed a petition to the head of the traffic police to conduct effective  means in the region, significantly improve its quality, eliminate the existing offenses and apply tough administrative measures to drivers.


In addition, the prosecutor of the region put the task before the prosecutors of the  prosecutor's office of the region, based on the criminal policy adopted by the General Prosecutor's Office in this area, in all cases where deaths or serious consequences of gross violations of traffic rules are recorded, apply a more strict approach to the application of criminal penalties.