24.07.2019 | The RA military prosecutor at the assembly point of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia monitored the recruitment process

On July 24, 2019 the RA Military Prosecutor, Deputy Prosecutor General of the RA Vahe Harutyunyan, accompanied by the Deputy Military Prosecutor of the Republic of Armenia Tigran Ambaryan and the Acting Military Commissar of the Republic of Armenia visited the assembly point. The military prosecutor attended the call-up process for the military service, personally followed the lottery, the procedure and the timing of its conduct.


In the central assembly point, the military prosecutor met with conscripts and their accompanying relatives, listened to concerns and suggestions. The military prosecutor emphasized the fact that parents and conscripts did not submit complaints filed regarding the objectivity of the lottery. In order to dispel doubts about people's health, the RA Military Prosecutor ordered them to conduct a more thorough examination.


The RA Military Prosecutor also introduced to the Acting Military Commissar of the Republic of Armenia  the recruitment process.


Vahe Harutyunyan assured the young men and parents of the Armenian armed forces that in the next two years the recruits will be under the legal protection of the military prosecutor’s office and his own.