19.07.2019 | At the instigation of the commander of the military unit, a criminal case on embezzlement and forgery of more than 8 million drams was sent to the court with an indictment against 8 people

By the prosecutor of Division for Supervision over the Investigation of Especially Important Cases Against Military Service of the RA Military Prosecutor’s Office the criminal case, which was considered in the 9th garrison of the GMID  of the of the Investigation Committee of the Republic of Armenia and received with an indictment was approved and sent to court for consideration.


The preliminary investigation of the criminal case was based on the fact that commander of the military unit N A.S. ,  using his official position in February 2018  through officers of the military unit A.B.  , KH. Ch., A. H., A.S. and E. G.  organized the waste of diesel fuel allocated to the military unit  and incited them to make fraudulent entries in the working documents of the aggregators, which are official documents claiming that the engines of these units were operated in the mode of loaded work, with which the latter agreed. As a result of the fraud, from February to June 2018, 24,000 liters of diesel fuel worth 8,856,000 AMD were stolen from  military unit N and sold.


For the commission of the abovementioned criminal offenses the commander of military unit N A.S. was charged under p.1, p.3,  art. 38-179 of the RA Criminal Code and p. 1 art.  38-314.


Officer A.S. and Senior Lieutenant E.G. were charged under p. 1 p. 3.  art.  179 of the RA Criminal Code.


Officers  A.B., KH. Ch., A. H.  were charged under p. 1 p. 3.  art. 179 of the RA Criminal Code and p. 1 art. 314.


Sergeant H. A. and common soldier  K. S. were charged under p. 1, p. 3, art. 38-179 RA Criminal Code.


Everyone pleaded guilty to the charges, and the damage caused to the State was fully restored.


Note: Every person suspected in or charged with a criminal offense shall be presumed innocent unless proved guilty in the manner prescribed by the RA Criminal Procedure Code and unless the verdict comes into legal force.

Դատախազությունը նշում է 102-րդ տարեդարձը և Դատախազության աշխատողի օրը

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