19.07.2019 | Measures for the prevention of burglaries and traffic accidents in the territory of Lori region have created positive trends

The prosecutor's office of Lori region summed up the results of the preventive measures taken during the first half of 2019 in cases of burglary and road accidents registered in the region. In accordance with the instructions of the RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan on the implementation of measures to increase the effectiveness of the preventive fight against these offenses, in March of this year, an operational meeting was held in  the Prosecutor’s Office of Lori region with the participation of heads of regional police units, representatives of marzpetaran and heads of large urban communities.


The importance of providing technical measures to ensure the security of apartment buildings in Vanadzor or other localities was emphasized, equipment for video surveillance of intersections, taking into account the preventive value of the latter in terms of burglary, as well as other types of offenses in the prevention of road accidents.


In addition, the regional administration of the RA Police was charged with strengthening the external service, attracting experienced staff, controlling risky areas, as well as intensifying preventive and operational measures or outreach among district inspectors and operators of operational sites, ensuring their effectiveness. At the beginning of the year, the prosecutor of Lori region sent a petition to the first deputy chief of police of the Republic of Armenia, in connection with which relevant instructions were given to the relevant divisions of Lori regional department. Summing up the semi-annual work carried out in the Prosecutor's Office of Lori region showed that if during the first quarter of 2019, that is, before the adoption of joint preventive measures in Lori region there were 34 cases of burglary, then in the second quarter - 30 cases. That is, in 2019, in the second quarter, the number of cases decreased by 4 or 13.3%, although the overall quantitative increase in apartment crimes in general is still of concern. There was also a positive shift in the disclosure of burglary. In particular, if in 2019 in the first quarter the discovery was 15.6%, then in 2019 21.3% in the second quarter.


At the same time, together with the territorial administration and local governments, 114 video cameras were installed in the region in the first half of the year, 62 of them in Vanadzor, 18 in Spitak, 22 in Tashir, and 12 in Gugark.  The multi-apartment buildings in Vanadzor have also been equipped with 58 doors with encryption valves. In the second quarter of 2019. compared with the first quarter there was a decrease in the number of accidents, including fatalities. In particular, 22 cases of violations of traffic accidents were registered in the first quarter, 6 of which were fatal, then in the second quarter 16 cases, only one of which was fatal. In other words, the number of road accidents decreased by 27.2%, deaths - by 83.3%.


Moreover, during the first quarter, violations of accidents on the territory of the region, their causes, places where norms of the law were regularly violated, were examined by the regional prosecutor's office, as a result, the prosecutor of the Lori region applied to the head of the road police of the Republic of Armenia to take appropriate measures to eliminate cases of violation, their causes. In particular, to intensify public outreach, to revise routes and to organize expanded service in the evening and at night, especially on roads where regular violations are reported, and strict administrative measures were taken against drivers who have committed gross violations.


Stressing the importance of protecting the property rights of the population of the region and ensuring road safety, the Prosecutor’s Office of  Lori region, in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies, will continue to consistently increase the effectiveness of preventing and solving these criminal offenses by using all the tools provided by law to the Prosecutor’s Office.