18.07.2019 | In corruption-related cases completed in Armavir region, 63% more damage was recovered than during 2018

The prosecutor's office of Armavir region summed up the work of regional law enforcement agencies to identify corruption crimes in the region for the first half of 2019, criminal prosecution and damage recovery.


When summing up, it was recorded that during this period, under the procedural control of prosecutors of the prosecutor’s office of Armavir region, 61corruption-related  criminal cases were examined in the proceedings of criminal prosecution bodies, instead of 45 as compared with the same period of the last year. That is, the number of criminal cases investigated in the proceedings has  increased by 35.5%.


From the mentioned  criminal cases 42 were initiated on the basis of reports from individuals and legal entities, 3 - from media reports, and 16 - the inquiry body, the investigator, the prosecutor, the court, the judge - on the facts revealed during the exercise of their powers. From the mentioned  criminal cases 14 officials have been prosecuted. 7 of them are directors of general education schools of the region, in particular,  Aygestan, Hatsik, Berkashat, Lenughi and Baghramyan villages, Metsamor art schools and Echmiadzin College, some are accused of taking bribes, others are accused of embezzlement.


The remaining 7 persons who have been prosecuted are the heads of the rural communities of Mrgastan, Haytagh, Taronik, Zartonk, Mrgashat, Baghramyan, Armavir. They are accused of committing  embezzlement, abuse of official authority, committing official forgery. During this period, in court was considered and completed by a conviction 6 cases in relation to 7 persons, which is twice as much compared to the same period of 2018. The damage caused to the State in criminal cases, initiated and completed criminal cases of  corruption-related crimes in the first half of 2019 has been amounted to about 12 million drams, which was fully restored. For comparison, we note that the damage caused is about 1 million drams more than the amount of damage found for the entire 2018 year. In terms of repairing the damage, the first half of 2019 was 63% more efficient than last year. In terms of repairing the damage, the first half of 2019 was 63% more efficient than last year. During the investigation of these corruption-related criminal cases the circumstances contributing to the commission of a crime were established, and measures for prosecutorial influence were taken to eliminate them. In particular, 4 petitions were submitted,  as a result of discussion of which,  directors of two schools were dismissed from their posts.