12.07.2019 | In Lori region in corruption-related criminal cases disclosed and sent to the court in the first half of 2019, 35 people were convicted. damage caused is 5 times higher than last year

35 criminal cases on corruption crimes were initiated in the Investigation Department of Lori region of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Armenia under the supervision of prosecutors of the Prosecutor’s Office of Lori region in the first half of 2019. 18 or 51% of these criminal cases were initiated according to reports from individuals and legal entities, 15 cases - as a result of the exercise of their powers by the investigating authority, the investigator, the prosecutor and the judge, and two cases based on publications in the media. These data indicate that the initiatives of the population in the fight against corruption as well as the consistency of the law enforcement agencies remain on a high level. Of the corruption cases found, 12 were recorded in the field of education, 8 - local government, 4 - social security, 36 - health care, two each - in the field of urban planning, state and public property management, and one in the fields of energy, ecology, water use. In the same period of time, 77 criminal cases of corruption were investigated by the criminal prosecution authorities. Within their framework, 29 persons were prosecuted, including the chairman and members of the medical and social commission of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, a number of directors of local state non-profit organizations, department heads and specialists of Vanadzor and Tashir municipalities, directors of educational institutions Stepanavan, Sarchapet, Tashir , Vanadzor and Dzoramuta, Olympic Reserve Olympic Sport Specialized School of Vanadzor, Director and Specialist of the Territorial Social Security Agency Tumanyan, the chief specialist of the territorial department of social services of Vanadzor, the head of the community Mets Ayrum, Shamlukh. The most tangible results were recorded on the line of completion of criminal cases with the indictment and their sending to court proceedings. In particular, for six months, 11 criminal cases of corruption were filed against 35 people. At the same time, the court examined and terminated 11 cases of this kind in respect of 35 people, which is three times more compared to the same period in 2018.


In the framework of criminal cases initiated or considered in the first half of the year, according to preliminary estimates, the state was damaged in 957.4 million drams, of which 196 million drams were reimbursed. For comparison, it is noted that in 2018 the damage caused to the State in criminal cases initiated in the first half of the year was 5 times less and amounted to 165 million drams, of which 71.5 million drams were recovered, that is, 2.7 times less than this year. In order to eliminate the circumstances contributing to corruption, the prosecutor of the Lori region sent 13 petitions to the relevant authorities and authorized officials, including the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, the governor of Lori region, the mayors of Vanadzor and Tashir, the leadership of  SNCO "Hayantar" and "Haypost".


As a result, the powers of five specialists of the Social Assistance Agency of Stepananavan and Vanadzor were terminated, the employment contract with the principal of secondary school No. 3 in Stepanavan was terminated, other disciplinary sanctions were applied to the principal in Debed, a specialist in Jiliza Forestry, a social division in Vanadzor, the director , deputy director, obstetrician-gynecologist at polyclinic and women's consultation, and 4 specialists of Vanadzor regional department of social assistance. Based on the fact that in two cases of illegal alienation of Vanadzor and Shnogh communities, two cases of corruption crimes were confirmed by a preliminary investigation, the prosecutor of the region took the initiative to restore the rights of the communities. Particularly, in one case, the head of the Vanadzor community addressed a petition to take the necessary measures to submit a claim to the RA Administrative Court with a request to cancel the state registration of the right to property. And in another case, on the direct initiative of the regional prosecutor’s office, the head of the Shnogh community has already applied to the RA Administrative Court with a request to recognize the state registration of the right of ownership of a land plot belonging to the community as invalid.

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