11.07.2019 | The meeting of the CIS Interstate Council on Combating Corruption has been held in Minsk. The RA Prosecutor General has given a speech

A meeting of the CIS Interstate Council on Combating Corruption was held today in Minsk, in which a delegation led by RA prosecutor General Artur Davtyan has also taken part.


During the meeting, among other things, international cooperation in the field of asset recovery, the process of bringing the legislation of the participating countries into line with the provisions of Chapter 5 of the UN Convention against Corruption was discussed. It was decided to continue the active exchange of information between the participating countries focusing on mechanisms to improve the legal efficiency and efficiency of asset recovery. During the meeting, the delegations of participating countries presented their own experience in combating corruption. In this context, the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia has made a speech on the main priorities of institutional reforms aimed at increasing the effectiveness of anti-corruption activities in Armenia last year, as well as key issues of disclosing corruption crimes and damage recovery. Artur Davtyan especially noted that the anti-corruption reforms launched in Armenia have an absolutely initial prerequisite for studying and  increasing the country's overall development, democratization, transparency of government, accountability and efficiency, since they are based on a number of institutional mechanisms ,  full public support, professionalism and determination of law enforcement agencies, and also on the early warning of corruption, in particular, the criminalization of illicit enrichment, the legal basis for expanding the scope of the declaration and related persons, as well as the introduction of a notification  institute. In the opinion of the Prosecutor General, an increase in the effectiveness of the anti-corruption struggle is currently observed in Armenia by improving the legal mechanisms for confiscating criminal property, returning assets illegally withdrawn from the country and transferring them to their rightful owner, creating a centralized anti-corruption model and other conceptual areas.


We are cautious in the approach to the introduction of these mechanisms, since there is a very precise precondition for finding solutions that will fully guarantee, on the one hand the protection of property rights and the protection of human rights, on the other hand, the balance of public interest satisfaction in restoring social justice  , -added Artur  Davtyan.


In the course of the  meeting, held in the spirit of mutual understanding, trust and constructive dialogue, a total of 10 decisions were taken, which concern the previous decisions of the CIS Interstate Council for the Prevention of Corruption, the outcome of the Concept of Cooperation of the States Parties to the Interstate Council in the fight against corruption, as well as the activities planned for the next year of the interstate program of joint measures to combat crime 2019-2023. Heads of delegations of participating countries  considered the International Youth Anti-Corruption Competition “Together against Corruption”, which was held last year effective, on the basis of which it was decided to hold a similar event this year.


Highly appreciating the dynamics and effectiveness of the activities of the Interstate Council, chaired by the RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan, during the meeting the chairmanship was transferred to the Republic of Belarus.


It was decided to hold a regular meeting of the CIS Interstate Council for the Prevention of Corruption in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Within the framework of his working visit to Belarus, Artur Davtyan also held bilateral meetings with the heads of the delegations of individual CIS member States of the Interstate Council on Combating Corruption and the Prosecutors General.

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