05.06.2019 | A guilty verdict has been rendered against the head of Dzyunashog community, who is accused for embezzling in large amounts in the process of distributing wheat seeds

In the court of first instance of general jurisdiction of Lori region the criminal case initiated by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Lori region in a case of large-scale theft and fraud by the head of the Dzyunashog community of Lori region  in the course of implementing State support programs for autumn wheat seeds at reasonable prices ended with guilty verdict.

It was confirmed that on October 28, 2015, in accordance with the loan agreement signed between the Agency for Seeds of the RA Ministry of Agriculture and the Lori Region Administration, the seeds of autumn wheat have been transferred to the marzpetaran. The Head of the Dzyunashog community of Lori region G.G. in order to steal a large number of seeds of autumn wheat intended for land users of the communities, presented the need for 30,000 kg of seeds of autumn wheat in marzpetaran. Having personally received 30,000 kg of autumn wheat seeds in the amount of 4,800,000 drams for local consumers, he pledged to repay the debt for seeds by October 10, 2016. However, 27,300 kg of seeds in the amount of 4,368,000 drams he did not allocate to land users, but used them to satisfy his own needs and cultivate the lands that he uses. Using his official position by embezzlement  he has stolen the seeds of autumn wheat in especially large amounts.

G. G. has been charged under p. 1 p. 3 art. 179 and p. 1 art. 314 of the RA Criminal Code , written undertaking not to leave the place has been chosen as a measure of restraint against him. During the preliminary investigation, as well as during the trial,  G. G. has fully reimbursed the damage inflicted on the State on a particularly large scale. Amnesty has been applied to him and he has been released from the main punishment. However, the additional penalty for deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions  has remained.