01.06.2019 | The fight against juvenile crime is in the focus of attention of the RA Prosecutor’s Office

Criminal law struggle against crimes committed by minors and with their participation, prevention of such crimes, as well as identifying and eliminating the causes remain one of the main priorities of the RA Prosecutor’s Office.


Studies conducted in the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Armenia prove that the juvenile crime level has slightly decreased compared to last year. If in 2017 403 crimes committed by a minor or with his participation have been registered, in 2018 359 such cases have been  registered, that is, a decrease was by 44 cases or 12%.


During the last 5 months, the prosecutor's offices of the regions, administrative districts of Yerevan planned and organized visits of prosecutors to educational institutions, where meetings and discussions have been  held with the participation of students and teaching staff. Particular attention is paid to the need to comply with the minimum rules for minors in social networks with the direct participation of parents.


The prosecutor's office has tightened the criminal procedure of filing petitions for the choice of detention as a preventive measure against juvenile offenders.


For juveniles who committed crimes of medium gravity and serious crimes for the first time, detention can be selected as a measure of restraint only when the facts obtained within  the criminal case prove  the violation of the conditions of preventive measures in connection with the stay of the accused in freedom.


During 2019 the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Armenia continues its activities aimed at improving the effectiveness of the criminal law fight in the mentioned  directions.


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