14.03.2019 | At the initiative of the prosecutor's office in Ararat region law enforcement agencies, local authorities, local government bodies will also join forces in the fight against home burglary.

By the order of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia territorial subdivisions of the Prosecutor’s Office take practical steps  to improve the effectiveness of preventive measures against the growth in the number of burglaries in the Republic.

A meeting has been held in the Prosecutor’s Office of Ararat region to discuss the direction of cooperation between the  law enforcement agencies, local authorities and local government bodies in the fight against this type of crime, to plan a joint plan for the implementation of specific actions. The meeting has been attended by the Deputy Governor of Ararat, the heads of large urban and rural communities, the heads of the police and the regional structures of the investigative bodies.

It  has been recorded that the number of cases of burglary in the region has increased by 44.4%.

The prosecutor of the region has instructed the regional police department to create a scheme of installation of video surveillance devices operated by individuals working in the region (petrol filling stations, gas stations, shops, etc.).

Prosecutors of the region administering procedural control over property offenses have been  entrusted to be consistent in the matter of timely provision of information by the communities, to participate in discussions during the execution of work, if necessary, through visits to get acquainted with the works.