06.03.2019 | In 2018 the number of criminal cases initiated on the fact of corruption-related crimes has increased by 3.6 times, the number of officials prosecuted, 12 times detected, damage caused to the State. Summing up

The RA Prosecutor General's Office has summed up the results of the criminal law struggle against corruption-related crimes in 2018,  which have been  compared with the figures of 2017.


During 2018  1988 materials on corruption-related crimes have been  prepared in the proceedings of the competent authorities of the Republic of Armenia, which is 4 times higher than the  figure of  2017 -500. On 1469 of them criminal cases have been initiated,  which is 3.6 times more than in 2017 (403 materials). The term of office of 54 officials with the status of accused in corruption-related cases has been suspended.


32 cases of such kind have been  registered in 2017, which is 12 times higher than the result in 2017 (361,445,834 drams).


During 2018, on 100 corruption-related  materials and criminal cases the material damage caused to the State has been amounted to 4,629,549,320 drams. Out of total damage, 3,938,873,757 drams have been recovered, which is 15 times more than  the figure of 2017  (252,070,385 drams).


This process is continuous, in 2019  and also in the future other areas of public life and government will also be the target of the study.