Justice Academy


The Academy of Justice has been established by RA Government Resolution N990-A dated 13 September, 2013. The objective of the Academy of Justice is to bring to life completely new approaches pertaining to the professional training and retraining of judges and prosecutors and stemming from the 2012-2016 Strategic Program of Legal and Judicial Reforms approved by the RA President. 


The main goals of the Academy

The main goals of the Academy are to foster obtaining the necessary skills and widening of the professional knowledge of the persons included in the candidate list of judges and prosecutors, continual improving of the competence and the professional knowledge of acting judges, prosecutors, judicial officers, civil servants of the Staff of the Prosecutor’s Office and judicial managers, gradual unification of the educational programs, as well as the implementation of joint educational programs.


Management Board of Academy

The management of the Academy is carried out by the Management Board of Academy. 


Board Members


Yervand Khundkaryan - Chairman of the RA Civil and Administrative Chamber of Court of Cassation Artur Hovhannisyan - First deputy minister of Justice of the RA
Hamlet Asatryan - Judge of the Criminal Chamber of the Court of Cassation of the RA
Hovsep Bedevyan - Chairman of RA Administrative Court of Appeal
Armen Hautyunyan - Deputy Prosecutor General of the RA
Raffi Aslanyan - Head of the Department for Charge Defense and Appealing of Judicial Acts of the RA Prosecutor General’s Office
Gevorg Baghdasaryan - Prosecutor of Yerevan City


Board Chairman

Armen Hautyunyan - Deputy Prosecutor General of the RA


The activities of the Academy are regulated by the RA Law on Non-Commercial State Organizations as well as by the RA Law on the Academy of Justice.


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